Ben Williams, PhD, 24-year survivor of Glioblastomas

Surviving Terminal Cancer

Surviving Terminal Cancer

Surviving Terminal CancerSurviving Terminal CancerSurviving Terminal Cancer

  In my own case, I would likely be dead if I had followed the advice of my oncologist. ... I am convinced I would not have survived had I not pursued "unproven" treatments in addition to the standard treatments I received.  Oncologists routinely oppose the use of "unproven" treatments, an attitude that seriously diminishes their patients' chances of survival."   


governmental policies reinforce and perpetuate a flawed medical system." 

If you want to know why your oncologist is almost certainly not offering you the best chance for survival read          Foolish Treatments. 

Ben Williams Ph.D., author of "Surviving Terminal Cancer", is a 24-year survivor of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a form of brain cancer considered untreatable in modern standard practices with a life expectancy of 12-18 months.  Ben used his scientific background to research cutting edge treatments and found a way to survive.  If your doctor tells you that your cancer is terminal, would you rather believe him or Ben?

 If you want to know why your oncologist is almost certainly not offering you the best chance for survival read  Foolish Treatments.


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 Welcome to Cancer Patient Freedom. This website is designed to support you in becoming your own best advocate. We believe that every human being has the innate or God-given right to seek healing in whatever way he or she thinks best for themselves. Good information is crucial in making good decisions about the type of treatment best suited for any condition. This website is a clearinghouse of information to give cancer patients and their loved ones and care-givers access to potentially life-saving information.   

Knoweledge is the key to survival

  • Knowledge is the key to survival for many cancer patients. Knowledge about their disease and the many possible treatments and combinations of treatments can save lives. Perhaps even more important is knowledge about the medical care system: how and why it works and where it is dysfunctional and does not work. For those that fear to venture outside the recommendations of their oncologists, this understanding may offer the only chance of survival. To understand why the presently recommended standard of care for cancer is severely limited and almost certainly not optimal for the patient, please read the writings of 24-year survivor Ben Williams.  

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  • CPF provides information that can be used by cancer patients, caregivers, and loved ones, to help make decisions about cancer treatment. This website does not provide medical advice or replace the expertise of a physician. Patients can simply use the information here to help them understand the many treatment options and thus make more informed choices in conjunction with the advice of their physicians.   

Surviving Terminal Cancer


This film is based on the work of Ben Williams and   is the inspiration for this website. Ben's logic is unarguable:  it is in the best interest of terminal cancer patients to look for extra-ordinary treatments. Ben uses existing scientific research to find existing off-label drugs & supplements.

The film argues that the long-term survival of three brain tumor patients who researched and devised their own treatment programs challenges the orthodox approach to improving cancer treatments.